Debt Collectors as Problem Solvers By J.C. Christensen & Associates, Inc.

There are times where changing a job title might be seen as an attempt to cloud transparency: Lead Marketing Strategist is really just a marketer; Human Capital Engineer is really an HR person. But suggesting that debt collectors might more accurately be labeled “Problem Solvers” doesn’t feel aggrandizing. It feels like an apt description of what today’s collectors do on a daily basis.

Many people both in and outside of this industry point to worsening economic situations for a lot of Americans, and the ever-looming specter of litigation for breaches of compliance, as the reason behind this change from “pay me now!” collections to “how can we solve this together?” collections. And those may certainly be factors; but, more than that, I think what we’re seeing is: it’s a tactic that works. And it works better in the long run not just for consumers, but for the agencies that are working these accounts.

About J.C. Christensen & Associates, Inc.: J.C. Christensen & Associates provides expert accounts receivable services for public and private health providers. Based in Minnesota, the company focuses on preserving the dignity of patients while helping clients collect payment for services. Dedicated to hiring disabled veterans, J.C. Christensen & Associates maintains high standards for business ethics and practices.


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