J.C. Christensen & Associates: A Focus on Compliance through Professional Practices Management System Implementation and Training

With extensive general and health care debt-receivables experience, Sartell, MN-based J.C. Christensen & Associates, Inc., (JCC) offers clients proven strategies for collecting a wide range of financial debts. At JCC compliance and quality are core values, and the firm is dedicated to meeting all applicable regulations and laws at state, local, and federal levels.

Underscoring this compliance commitment, the company undertook a successful effort in 2008 to achieve ACA International Professional Practices Management System (PPMS) certification. Throughout the PPMS certification process, JCC developed and tested a rigorous set of procedures and policies designed to ensure compliance with industry-best practices. Modeled on the ISO 9000 quality management standard, 18 distinct components were used in evaluating these efforts, including process control, records and data management, review of client issues, preventive and corrective action, and continuous improvement.

PPMS continues to be a vital part of JCC’s debt-collection approach, with the company maintaining full-time ACA-certified trainers on staff and publicizing employee guidelines with clearly enforced compliance and quality standards.


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