J.C. Christensen and Associates: The Impact of Unpaid Hospital Debt

Debt collection agencies like J.C. Christensen and Associates play a critical role in the health care industry. The American Hospital Association estimates that hospitals have provided more than $326 billion in uncompensated care since 2000. That bad debt must be absorbed by patients and hospitals, and it hurts the health industry. So how can a debt collector help?

The answer is demonstrated by the case of one Midwestern hospital that called J.C. Christensen and Associates for help. The hospital, with an annual revenue of nearly $2 billion, was having trouble collecting debts. Although it had hired a collection agency, it was dissatisfied with the agency’s performance.

With a staff based entirely in the United States and specializing in health care, J.C. Christensen and Associates took a problem-solving approach to the situation.

Using its time-honed approach, J.C. Christensen and Associates increased the hospital’s collection rate by nearly 10 percent in the first six months.


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