About J.C. Christensen & Associates

JC Christensen and Associates

Based in Sartell, Minnesota, JC Christensen and Associates remains a well-regarded collection agency that employs nearly 150 professionals. Employees at JC Christensen & Associates, Inc. have all attained certification under the Professional Management Practices System of ACA International, which testifies to their commitment to adhere to the strictest standards in their industry. This dedication to ethical operations is further evidenced by the fact that the Chief Executive Officer of JC Christensen and Associates is the only person in his position to voluntarily submit his company to frequent audits by the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General.

JC Christensen & Associates, Inc. has served clients in a number of industries, including telecommunications, finance, education, and retail. In addition, collection specialists have aided numerous health care organizations, from private medical facilities to public clinics and large hospitals. For these clients, the firm has spent more than 15 years obtaining payments from the individuals themselves, from private insurers like Blue Cross Blue Shield, and from programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. During this time, JC Christensen and Associates has also realized several successes for health care organizations.

In one case study, for instance, the firm came to the aid of a successful hospital in the Midwest that enjoyed yearly revenues of approximately $2 billion. The hospital had become concerned with the liquidation rate and customer service of its collection agency at the time, so it hired JC Christensen & Associates, Inc. to turn things around. In just half a year, the firm boosted collections by almost 10 percent and was able to report a decreased number of complaints among debtors.

To discover additional information about JC Christensen and Associates, or to read testimonials from satisfied clients, please visit ArraySG.com. Interested individuals may also call (877) 272-7729.


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